Privacy Policy

Το Διαγνωστικό & Θεραπευτικό Κέντρο Πυρηνικής Ιατρικής του Δρ. Χατζηφωτιάδη Δανιήλ Ι.Ε.Π.Ε. που εδρεύει στην Λεμεσό, αναλαμβάνει δέσμευση να προστατεύσει την εμπιστευτικότητα και ασφάλεια των Προσωπικών σας Δεδομένων. Η Πολιτική Απορρήτου περιγράφει το πώς γίνεται η συλλογή η επεξεργασία και η αξιοποίηση των Προσωπικών Πληροφοριών σας κατά και μετά από τη σχέση που δημιουργείται μεταξύ του Κέντρου και του ασθενούς σύμφωνα με τον Γενικό Κανονισμό για την Προστασία Δεδομένων (ΕΕ) 2016/679 και της νομοθεσίας, τον Περί της Προστασίας των Φυσικών Προσώπων Έναντι της Επεξεργασίας των Δεδομένων Προσωπικού Χαρακτήρα και της Ελεύθερης Κυκλοφορίας των Δεδομένων αυτών Νόμος του 2018 (Ν. 125(I)/2018) και οποιουσδήποτε άλλους εφαρμοστέους νόμους και κανονισμούς για την προστασία των Προσωπικών Δεδομένων των Ασθενών.
Το Κέντρο είναι ο «Υπεύθυνος Επεξεργασίας» και αυτό σημαίνει ότι έχει την υπευθυνότητα να αποφασίζει το πώς και γιατί τυγχάνουν επεξεργασίας τα Προσωπικά Δεδομένα σας. Η νομοθεσία, αναφορικά με την προστασία Προσωπικών Δεδομένων, απαιτεί να σας κοινοποιήσει όλες τις πληροφορίες που περιέχονται σε αυτή την Πολιτική Απορρήτου.

1. Information we hold about you

Personal Data, or Personal Information, means any information about an individual from which that person can be identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable natural person is one whose identity can be ascertained, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier identity, such as name, ID no, location data and other. It does not include data where the identity has been removed (anonymous data). There are “special categories” of more sensitive personal data which require a higher level of protection, such as political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or members of trade unions, genetic data, biometric data for the sole purpose of identifying a natural person, data on health or gender data of a natural person or sexual orientation. We require to have further justification for collecting, storing and using this type of personal information. It does not include information from which the identity of a natural person has been removed, that is, it has become anonymous. We have in place an appropriate policy document and safeguards which we are required by law to maintain when processing such data.

We will collect, store, and use the following categories of your personal information:
⦁ Personal details e.g. First Name, Surname, Sex, Birth Date, Age
⦁ Communication data e.g. Telephone Number, Email, Address
⦁ Photographs / Visualized Data such as CCTV footage
⦁ Data with Social Identities e.g. ID passport
⦁ Data regarding minors
⦁ Next of kin and emergency contact information.
⦁ Information related to your health insurance, such as: Insurance contract, Insurance coverage, etc.

• Demographic Data e.g. First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Age

• Contact Data e.g. Telephone Number, E-mail, Address

• Data with Social Identifiers e.g. Identity, Passport

• Data on minors

• Nearest relative data and contact information in case of emergency.

• Information related to your health insurance, e.g. Insurance Contracts, Insurance Coverages.

In addition, the following "special categories" of more sensitive Personal Information will be collected, stored and used:

• Information about your health, including medical conditions, health and disease records, information derived from the analysis or examination of part of the body or physical substance, including genetic data and biological samples. Also, any information regarding, for example, illness, disability, risk of illness, medical history, clinical care or the physiological or biomedical condition of the subject of Personal Data regardless of their source, for example, by a physician or other medical professional, Center, medical device or by in vitro diagnostic examination.

• Medical diagnoses, test results, evaluations by treating physicians and any treatment or intervention provided.

• Genetic information and biometric data.

• Normal characteristics of your body, for example, weight and height.

2. How we collect your Personal information

We collect and process various kinds of personal data that we receive from you in the following circumstances:
⦁ You personally by filling in forms, applications and accompanying documents.
⦁ Your representatives who are duly authorized by you to provide us with your personal data by filling out application forms and supporting documents.
⦁ Third persons who have informed you that your personal data may be transferred to third parties, including the Medical Center, based on a contractual or other relationship we have with them. Such third parties may be state or non-state entities, such as Diagnostic Centers, Physicians, Chemists, Taxation, Insurance Companies, Personal Physicians, Ministries, etc.

3.How the Medical Center will take advantage of the Children's Personal Data.

We understand the importance of child privacy.
We may collect personal data in relation to children only on condition that we first obtain the consent of the parents or their legal guardian, unless otherwise permitted by applicable legislation on the protection of personal data. We may collect and process personal data about children from their parents or legal guardians under a contractual relationship and/or legal obligation of our Centre. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, "children" are considered to be persons under eighteen (18) years of age.

4.  How the Medical Center will use your Information.

Your Personal Information will only be used where permitted by law. For the most part, they will be used in the following circumstances:
• Where necessary to execute the contract concluded with you.
• In specific cases, with your explicit consent.
• For purpose of preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, medical care or treatment, or under contract with a medical practitioner.
• Where compliance with a legal obligation must be met.
• Where it is necessary to protect your vital interests
• Where necessary for the public interest, scientific research or for statistical purposes

5. Cases in which your Personal Data will be utilized.

It is necessary that all the categories of information in the above list (see paragraph 2 above) are paramount to the execution of the contract with you, which includes use for providing medical care services and for compliance with legal liabilities.

In some cases, we may use your personal information to pursue legitimate interests of our own or those of third parties, provided your interests and fundamental rights do not override those interests.

Οι περιπτώσεις κατά τις οποίες θα γίνει επεξεργασία των Προσωπικών σας Πληροφοριών καταγράφονται πιο κάτω.

⦁ We will collect, preserve and maintain records of your personal data in order to provide you with health care services, treatments, preventative medicine services, produce a medical diagnosis or contract with medical professionals within the Company who are engaged in the provision of the most above services.

⦁ We will send your personal data to the ‘‘Cyprus Ministry of Health’’ and any national cancer research Medical Center when requested for statistical purposes.

⦁ We will disclose your personal data to health care professionals who are not employed by the Medical Center, but from whom you have received health care services, pursuant to the contract and/or previous inspection and/or consultations made with them.

⦁ We will disclose your personal data to health care professionals who are not employed by the Medical Center from whom you may receive wish to health care services or consultations from.

⦁ We will disclose and give copies of your personal data to the named recipients you have identified (for which consent was obtained from you).

⦁ We will store CCTV footage to ensure the security of our premises, to prevent, monitor and gather evidence for any offences or other wrongdoings that take place at our premises.

⦁ We will disclose your personal data to insurance companies with whom you maintain a health insurance, when requested under the terms of your contract with the relevant insurance companies, for the purpose of ensuring the quality and cost-effectiveness of the procedures used for settling claims for benefits and services in the health insurance system and management of insurance claims.

⦁ We will disclose your personal data to third party contractors, e.g. our IT consultants for the purposes of providing us with information technology services related to the operation of our company and the management and organization of the information collected during the provision of our services to you.

⦁ Through our Website we have the option of interacting with social media, such as the "Like" option on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These features may allow you to access and / or link to your social media accounts. We cannot change the privacy settings of these services or set rules on how you use your personal information in them. These include your own control as well as your social networking service providers. Before using any of the social media tools suggested by our site, we recommend that you read all policies and information on the services of their respective social media outlets to find out more about their policies.

The Medical Center will not share your personal data with third parties for their own purposes.

6. Automated decision-making.

Automated decision making takes place when an electronic system processes personal data for decision-making without the intervention of human intervention. The Medical Center is not currently working on this kind of process. In case this is necessary, you will be informed in writing before any such process takes place.

7. If you fail to provide personal information

If you do not provide the required information, we may not be able to enter into a contractual relationship with you for the provision of any services, including medical services, as we will not be able to examine whether your request meets the relevant requirements.

8. Change of Purpose

We will only use your personal information for the purposes for which we collected it, unless we reasonably consider that we need to use it for another reason and that reason is compatible with the original purpose. If we need to use your personal information for an unrelated purpose, we will notify you and we will explain the legal basis which allows us to do so. Please note that we may process your personal information without your knowledge or consent, in compliance with the above rules, where this is required or permitted by law.

9. Data Sharing

We may have to share your data with third parties, including third-party service providers and other entities in the Medical Center. We require third parties to respect the security of your data and to treat it in accordance with the law. We may transfer your personal information outside the EU. If we do, you can expect a similar degree of protection in respect of your personal information.

Why might you share my personal information with third parties?
We will share your personal information with third parties where required by law, where it is necessary to administer the contractual relationship with you, where you have provided your consent to us to do so or where we have another legitimate interest in doing so.

Which third-party service providers process my personal information?
“Third parties” includes third-party service providers (including IT consultants and designated agents). IT services are carried out by third-party service providers.

How secure is my information with third-party service providers and other entities in our group?
All our third-party service providers and other entities in the group are required to take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information in line with our policies. We do not allow our third-party service providers to use your personal data for their own purposes. We only permit them to process your personal data for specified purposes and according to the guidelines they receive from the Medical Center. All service providers to the Medical Center have entered into a contract with the Medical Center for processing as Executives and accept the Medical Center 's confidentiality contract as a legal agreement.

When might you share my personal information with other entities in your group?
We will share your personal information with other entities in our group [as part of our regular reporting activities on company performance, in the context of a business reorganization or group restructuring exercise, for system maintenance support and hosting of data.

What about other third parties?
We may share your personal information with other third parties, for example in the context of the possible sale or restructuring of the business. It may also be necessary to exchange your Personal Information with a Regulatory Authority or for law enforcement purposes. In this case, the Medical Center will notify you of your consent to further processing your data as long as the original purpose of processing your data changes.

10. Transferring information outside the EU

We will transfer the personal information we collect about you to non-EU countries where your doctor, health care professional or nominated recipients (for which you have provided your consent for such transfers) reside or where your health insurance is established. Such transfers will be made for the purposes of performance of your contract with the relevant doctor, health care professional or health insurance, or where your nominated recipients request information about you.

Depending on the country to which your personal data is to be transferred, there might or might not be an adequacy decision by the European Commission in respect to that country. This means that the country to which we transfer your data may or may not be deemed to provide an adequate level of protection for your personal information, but we shall transfer such personal data in compliance with the provisions under applicable data protection laws.

11. Data Security

We have put in place measures to protect the security of your information. Details of these measures will be available upon request. Third parties will only process your personal information upon our instructions and when they have agreed to treat the information confidentially and to keep it secure.

We have applied appropriate security measures to prevent your personal information from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorized way, altered or disclosed. In addition, we limit access to your personal information to those employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who have due to the nature of their business. They will only process your personal information upon our instructions from the Medical Center and are subject to a confidentiality obligation.

We have put in place procedures to deal with any suspected data security breach and will notify you and any applicable regulator of a suspected breach where we are legally required to do so.

12. Data Retention

Preservation is ensured for healthcare purposes (as long as it is necessary). In the case of the Medical Center, personal data is kept for as long as necessary with a minimum retention time of 15 years after the death of the subject and / or 15 years after the patient's last transaction with the Medical Center under the Data Protection Commissioner's Dated 03/07/2018, based on Article 23 (1) (j), Law 138 (I) / 2001.

In some circumstances we may anonymize your personal information so that it can no longer be associated with you, in which case we may use such information without further notice to you.

13.Rights of access, correction, erasure, and restriction.

It is the patient's duty to notify the Center of any changes.
It is important to keep your accurate and up-to-date Personal Information.

Therefore, please notify the Centre of any changes to your Personal Information during our cooperation.

Your rights in relation to Personal Information.
Under certain conditions, you have the right by law to:

• Right of access to your Personal Information (commonly known as "request for access to personal data"). This allows you to obtain a copy of the Personal Information held in the Center's file and check that it is being processed in accordance with the law.

• Right to correct your Personal Data. This enables you to correct and/or fill in any incomplete or inaccurate Information that is kept in the Center's file.

• Right to delete your Personal Data. This allows you to ask the Center to delete or remove Personal Information if there is no valid legal reason to continue processing it. You also have the right to request the deletion or removal of the Personal Information for which you have exercised the right to object to their processing (see below). In some cases, it may be demonstrated by the Center that there are compelling, statutory reasons for processing your Information, which take precedence over your rights and freedoms.

• Right to object to your Personal Data. Oppose the processing of your Personal Information there and where the Centre is based on legitimate interests (or third party interests) and there is a reasonable reason in relation to your particular situation that pushes you to object to the processing. You also have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Information for direct marketing purposes. In some cases, the Center may prove that there are compelling legitimate reasons for processing your information that take precedence over your rights and freedoms.

• Right to restrict the processing of your Personal Information. This allows you to request that your Personal Information be suspended, for example, if you want to confirm its accuracy or the reason for processing it.

• Right to transmit your Personal Information to third parties. This allows you to ask the Center for the portability of your personal data to third parties.

• Right to withdraw consent. When you consent to the collection, processing and transmission of your Personal Information for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent to that particular processing at any time. For the purpose of revoking your consent, please contact the Centre or the Privacy Officer. When notification is received that you have withdrawn your consent, your information will no longer be processed for the purpose or purposes with which you originally agreed, unless there is another legal basis for such processing.

Your duty to inform us of changes.
It is important that your personal information we hold is accurate and current. Please keep us informed of any personal information amendments during your working relationship with us.

Your rights in connection with personal information.
Under certain circumstances, by law you have the right to:
⦁ Request access to your personal information (commonly known as a “data subject access request”). This enables you to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you and to check that we are lawfully processing it.
⦁ Request correction of the personal information that we hold about you. This enables you to have any incomplete or inaccurate information we hold about you corrected.
⦁ Request erasure of your personal information. This enables you to ask us to delete or remove personal information where there is no good reason for us continuing to process it. You also have the right to ask us to delete or remove your personal information where you have exercised your right to object to processing (see below). In some cases, we may demonstrate that we have compelling legitimate grounds to process your information which override your rights and freedoms.
⦁ Object to processing of your personal information where we are relying on a legitimate interest (or those of a third party) and there is something about your situation which makes you want to object to processing on this ground. You also have the right to object where we are processing your personal information for direct marketing purposes. In some cases, we may demonstrate that we have compelling legitimate grounds to process your information which override your rights and freedoms.
⦁ Request the restriction of processing of your personal information. This enables you to ask us to suspend the processing of personal information about you, for example if you want us to establish its accuracy or the reason for processing it.
⦁ Request the transfer of your personal information to another party.

If you want to review, verify, correct, or request erasure of your Personal Information, object to the processing of your Personal Data, or request that we transfer a copy of your personal information to another party, please contact the Data Protection Officer in writing:

SIZERRO MANAGEMENT LTD c/o Christoforos Christoforou
99512278, 22328231 [email protected]
No fee usually required.

You will not have to pay a fee to access your personal information (or to exercise any of the other rights). However, we may charge a reasonable fee if your request for access is clearly unfounded or excessive.

What we may require from you?
We may need to request specific information from you to help us confirm your identity and ensure your right to access the information (or to exercise any of your other rights). This is another appropriate security measure to ensure that personal information is not disclosed to any person who has no right to receive it.

Right to withdraw consent.
In the limited circumstances where you may have provided your consent to the collection, processing and transfer of your personal information for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent for that specific processing at any time. To withdraw your consent, please contact the Data Protection Officer. Once we have received notification that you have withdrawn your consent, we will no longer process your information for the purpose or purposes you originally agreed to, unless we have another legitimate basis for doing so in law.

Data Protection Officer.
We have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) Christoforos Christoforou to oversee compliance with this privacy notice. If you have any questions about this privacy notice or how we handle your personal information, please contact the DPO. You have the right to make a complaint at any time to the Data Protection Office, the Cypriot supervisory authority for data protection issues at [email protected] or the phone no 99512278

Right to lodge a complaint.
If you feel that your concerns and questions have not been fully answered by us regarding the use of your data, you have the right to submit a complaint. You also have every legitimate right to file a complaint with the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commissioner at, which is the supervisory authority for personal data protection issues in Cyprus.

14. Cookie Policy

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15.  Rights of access, correction, erasure, and restriction

The Medical Center reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy at any time deemed necessary. You will be duly notified when there are any changes or modifications to this Policy and will vary the review date on the home page. It is recommended, however, that you review this Policy periodically in order to keep abreast of the way the Medical Center processes and protects your personal data.